Our DNA is technology!
We are techy geeks interested in all new technologies,
well-educated for a great architecture
that will serve you well in the digital evolution.



User Experience is key and the implementation of the user interface is all about how to interact with your business owners to successfully create a stickyness to attract users.

We will work with your organization to create an attractive user experience with a mobile first approach.


Well optimized and designed cloud platforms are containerized to achieve a reliable and scalable structure to simplify maintenance. With a stable architecture as the base a transfomation to microservices based solutions is possible. Having a microservices-based architecture will speed up the delivery process for new features. 

We use microservices like Kubernets or Azure Message bus in our own product development and will share these experiences.


Azure, Azure, Azure. Need not to say more? This is our backyard and we are experts on this architecture. You name it, we know it: .NET Core, Azure Service Bus, Application Insights, AD App Authentication, Push Notification Hub etc. 

Integration with 3rd party applications or internal products and services is an important part and needs to be delicately applied in your solution.

Security built-in from the start using Owasp 2.0 and privacy by design.

We know it!


Data is the new gold. Data stored in a thoughtful way provides your business with a indefinite source of knowledge to innovate your business processesto become data-driven. Whether this is in complex data bases, big-data, data lakes etc will be determined in the technical architectural discussions.

No matter the approach, data will drive your business via graphs, dashboards, etc and will support value-based decisions.  

We will design data storage to bring value to your daily business! 


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