Collaboration & Information Management

The Precio Fishbone Vietnam Collaboration and Information Management enables our clients to optimize their end-to-end information lifecycle management and share interface among organization or project teams to communicate, facilitate, and understand organization/project goals and objectives.

Collaboration tools help individuals and teams throughout an organization or multiple organizations work together and manage their information more effectively. 

Our approach is aligned with the maturity of each client, offering consultation as well as solution implementation services.

Our Collaborative Information's Functions

Cultural transformation to drive collaboration

Implementation of governance and an appropriate structure

Share the company's values, knowledge and culture

Identify and reward employee success

Improve business agility

Optimise return on investment

Enterprise Portals

Our Collaborative Information Seeking

A field of research that involves studing situations, information searching, information gathering and information sharing 

Provide solutions to the problem of information overload

Search file shares, Web sites, SharePoint sites, Exchange Public Folders, ect 

Search people by department, job title expertise, and common interests. 

Search project