Omnia Programme & Project Management

Precio Fishbone Omnia Programme and Project Management (PPMS) supports project management cycles with access to tools, templates, workflows, decision points and guidance. Omnia Programme and Project Management can be run on either the Office 365 platform or on-premise using SharePoint 2013.

Programme and project management

Work with applications, reporting, budgets and expenditure in one place giving a full picture

Access, edit and collaborate document with ease; helpful template management, version control and powerful search, all based on SharePoint

Includes risk management and activity plans to support accurate monitoring and reaching goal.

Configuration and integration capability

Terminologi, project cycles, templates, workflows, pages, branding and more can all be configured to suit the way your organisation work

Integrate with ERP and HR systems to give easy access to financial and HR information, both for viewing and updating

Its offine capability allows documents to be accessed when there's no internet connection.