Omnia Image Content Management System

Precio Fishbone Omnia Image Content Management (ICM) captures scanned images and read OCR information, indexing information and cropping signatures from forms at the scanning station. Scanned images will be visualized in a dashboard for further processing according to workflow.

  • Scanning Software to capture indexing information and signatures.
  • Ability to store over 100GB of data per month in a performance efficient way in SharePoint

Scanning and Indexing

Scan continuously many type documents in one time of scanning

Automatic recognize document type, application number, Department by barcode or QR code

Automatic capture information for each image: date of scan, user, office, ect.

Automatic generate Request number for new request by logic/rules

Delete unwanted/duplicated images

Pick up signature zone on application form and auto release into system

Scanning Document Management

Reject document and re-scanning

Process and manual change the status of document

Copy document to other indicated place.

Re-index document by number, request number, department,….

Void /Unvoid document

Export to Email/Disk

Update status of Document when policy was expired

Verify hard copy documents with image on the ICM system (Ready to box)

Box management keep tracking of hard copy location

Document Property