Omnia Quality Management System

Precio Fishbone Omnia Quality Management System (QMS) is an online business processes tool for Your organization to create and visualize policies and procedures focused on achieving Your organizations objectives in the most cost efficient and dynamite way.

Our QMS Portal

Offer a clearly structured, systematic visualization of processes for instance ISO processes or other internal business critical processes

Steps and procedures define in a process

Descriptions, pictures, versions, release date and tasks for creating and maintaining a process or a process step

Attached documents, links and forms to a process

Search processes, information and documents related to a process

Our QMS Admin

Change management of business processes as approval/rejection of a changed process or process step

Submit feedback or edit suggestions from end users related to a process or process step

Collaborate with members in each process 

Reminder for expiring processes or requests to review a process or process step after a specified period of time

Print the complete process or step of process PDF format