Omnia Document Management System

Precio Fishbone Omnia Document Management System (DMS) is a system that provide a framework to digitally organize all controlled enterprise document. Our Omnia DMS referred to use to track, manage and store controlled document and records to reduce paper. Below are some examples of using DMS

Management of controlling and recording documents

- Ready-to-use template & form management

- Individually track key and favorite documents with access rights management and role control

- Flow management for approvals and referrals

Contract Management

- Reminders for contract renewals and renegotiations

- Complete overview of all contracts, easy to search and filter

- Easy to invite external users to edit

Picture/Video Library

- Create picture/video album

- Comment on and like picture/ video

Knowledge Management

- Creating, storing and sharing information asset as product/service, technical to manage the knowledge of and in organizations.

Would you like a Demo?

Welcome to contact us for a demo of how Omnia Document Management and Office 365 can be combined to provide a digital workplace where document confusion is no more.

Central Administration

Document Profile

Document Types

Document Metadata Bulk Update

Reports of all controlled documents

Search documents using metadata and properties


New/Upload Draft

Send for Comments

Approve and Publish/Unpublish

Document History 

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