Prototypes - Our swift result service

Do You have a undefined idea or Proof-of-Concept and lack time or resources?

Our Prototype offering is a service ideal for Your needs. This service is usually best suited for smaller and undefined objectives with a delivery time of a few weeks up to 2 months depending of the complexity of the scope. In this service the target and finishing deadlines can be flexibel according to your inputs and needs, You as a customer are in control of when to end the Prototype work, ie when its Good-Enough.

A Prototype team from Precio Fishbone works with an open and transparant approach to involve You as a customer in the daily activities of the prototype.

Our Prototype teams always work according to the Agile concept, from Product Backlogs to Continous Integration and Continouos Deployment to achieve a close and tight integration with Your organization and team.

How does it work?

Based on Your sketch we will define the Scope and our delivery plan.

Protype execution will then start!

Business model

Fixed price or Target price

Based on Your feedback of the Prototype we can offer a full Project to take the Prototype to a ready solution or system.