We create value for our clients

We are one of Vietnam's most focused supplier for Microsoft-based solutions

Microsoft is Precio Fishbone Vietnam's best friend

Precio Fishbone Vietnam is a subsidiary of Precio Fishbone, Swedish IT company. Precio Fishbone entered Vietnam in 2013 and is based in Ho Chi Minh City Microsoft is our best friend and we have Microsoft’s Gold and Silver Partner nominations within six of our various fields of expertise. Our advanced knowledge within these six fields is a success factor for each of our client asignments. Our engagement model is available in three types of asignment; short term prototype projects, normal project assignments as well as long-living team assignments for support and management for developed solutions. 

A specialist company at the absolute leading edge

Our primary technical platform is Microsoft .NET. Our development methodology is agile and based on SCRUM. Our ambition of being a leading-edge, specialist company emphasises that we make substantial investments in skills development and training. We participate in beta programs with Microsoft in which we serve as test pilots for new technology. We have a clear structure and method for how we internally spread knowledge so as to widely distribute new knowledge to as many as possible within the company.

Requirements analysis and organizational understanding

Not to discredit the technology, but what lays the foundation for the solutions we develop and what creates operational benefits for our clients are requirements analysis and the ability to understand organizational problems. This also places demands on our clients. The engagement of our clients is an essential success factor for fruitful solutions and relationships. Among Precio Fishbone's specialist consultants are some of the industry's best researchers, requirement/organizational analysts and project managers. These fields of expertise are decisive for our assignments and deliveries, and for attaining satisfied clients.
Security and the long-term approach are essential aspects of our client relationships.

Cost-effective solutions that provide operational benefits

Our clients are evenly distributed between the private and public sectors, and our many general agreements within the public sector give us major opportunities to work proactively with a large and broad client base. We operate from our Ho Chi Minh offices in Sweden and a eight other offices in Sweden, as well as a sales representative office in London. We have approximately 30 specialists in Vietnam, and additionally 150 specialists in Sweden within complementing fields of expertise and all have one and the same goal – to create cost-effective solutions that provide operational benefits. Our specialists have an average of ten years of consulting experience and we provide high quality IT services within for example, requirement and organizational analysis, investigations and preliminary studies, architecture, development, project management and testing. 

We simply provide value to You through our expertise.