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A unique intranet built on experience

There is a huge different between a platform packed with functionality and a coherent digital workplace earning trust and buy-in from end users. Omnia Intranet will guide you to a well-used modern intranet.

Omnia Intranet will provide a strong concept for internal communication with easy to use content management, targeted news and events, polls, announcements and enhanced statistics. The product will also make collaboration and knowledge sharing easier by assisting in site provisioning based on templates, personalized navigation and information roll up and notifications. Omnia Intranet will also support deployment of a personalized, fully mobile experience with design based on corporate guidelines.

And besides the features and functions there is also great tools for solution governance and extensibility that will help to maintain and develop a successful solution over the years.

Experience Omnia

Omnia Intranet is a tastefully designed package comprised of ready-made concepts, templates, smart functions and easy-to-use tools, It’s designed to make life easier for users, editors and administrators.
Let us take you on a brief tour of Omnia. Take a look at our short videos to get a feel for how Omnia can streamline and simplify in your organisation.

Omnia - Intranet Choice Europe 2018

Omnia - Intranet Choice Europe 2019

Precio Fishbone’s product Omnia Intranet took first place in the market’s largest ranking of intranet products for SharePoint and Office 365. The product was also named Intranet Choice Europe.

Drive internal communication

Drive internal communication

When moving into Omnia Intranet you can take part of the product’s strong communication concept. Administrators can lay the foundation with corporate design, page layouts and content analytics. Publishers will be productive based on easy to use content management tools getting the message out to the right target groups on the right time. The end-user will be able to stay on top of what is new, what is updated and what is relevant for me based on personalization and push notifications.

Collaborate and share knowledge

With Omnia Intranet you can set up and maintain a collaboration environment where administrators can publish site templates and provide directory services to fit organizational needs. For the end-user it is now an easy task to share information and knowledge with colleagues and to stay updated on any new relevant posts. The product also has support for finding and contacting colleagues based on competences, skills or experience. Omnia Intranet puts the end-user in focus and helps drive productivity.

Improve over time

Improve over time

Building the first version of a modern intranet is seldom the biggest test on the journey towards the Digital Workplace. Instead maintaining and improving the solution over time can prove to be a much bigger challenge. Omnia Intranet will provide strong functionality for Administrators to develop the Digital Workplace over time. Based on analytics and content review tools you can make sure that the solution is as easy to use not only at launch, but also over years to come.

Provide a great user experience

A great digital workplace should be the focal point for carrying out daily work and common business activities. The solution must be intuitive, push relevant tools and information to the right end-user and provide tips on what information or tasks that need to be attended to presently. This is exactly what Omnia Intranet does, and besides that the solution design will be based on corporate design guidelines and it can be accessed 24/7 from any location and any device.

What is the User Experience?

The name ‘Omnia’ comes from ‘omni’ meaning all or everything – in our case it means the experience of an intranet that has everything. We have created functions and tools that users, editors and administrators have been asking for for a long time, and then made them user-friendly. Omnia fills the gap between a toolbox in SharePoint and a complete, unified design with an attractive user interface and smart functions. An intranet that users can and will want to use.


Easy to use Content Management
Enhanced targeting of content and tools
Enhanced handing of images and movies
Improved Poll, Banner and Calendar
Manage navigation structure


Create site based on template
Deep Office 365 integration
Site Directory and Project Portfolio
My sites
Content roll up with notifications

Social and knowledge management

Social feed on Yammer or SharePoint
Manage competences
Find colleague
Idea handling

User experience

Personalized Start page
Personalized Navigation
Push Notifications
Favorite content and My recent content
Fully mobile experience


Web site templates
Page layouts and design
Content review tools
Enhanced analytics
Content bulk update


Ready-made product add-ins
Omnia API
Developer tools and methods
Package deployment
Azure hosting

Would you like a demo?

Omnia Intranet has to be experienced. So we would like to take you on a short tour to give you the experience and feeling of what a really good Intranet is like. Fill in your contact details below and we will contact you for a simple demo.