In the head of an intranet expert - about intranet, digital workplace & well-used solutions

Few people have the same experience with intranets and tools for internal communication as Anders Fagerlund.
For over 15 years, he has helped companies and organizations create what he calls well-used Intranet solutions.
Today, he is the product owner of Precio Fishbone product suite Omnia, sharing his experiences and views of the latest trends in the area.

From the content:
- Differences between the modern and the traditional intranet.

- More people that contributes - Greater focus on cooperation and social interaction.

- New formats for information - slideshows, movies, pods and the like.

- Inspired by how we use IT support privately - personalized, self explanatory applications with the ability to push notifications.

- New structures - Leave traditional hierarchical structures to instead publish apps.

- New abilities like gamification and virtual users.

- More focus on activity-based solution, longer-term view of management and how to use usage over time.

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