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There are many reasons to why you should pick Omnia for improving internal communication, collaboration, knowledge sharing, employee engagement, business management and more. Here are the top five:

The best-in-class user experience.

With Omnia, you can deliver a personalized and intuitive user experience with world-class performance and great look and feel on all devices.

The top-rated communication platform.

With powerful content governance, easy-to-use publishing experience, and customizable analytics, Omnia is designed to support you in improving internal communication.

The power to drive employee engagement.

The onboarding portal, learning center, knowledge sharing, gamification, and polls feature are solution superpowers for driving employee engagement.

The strong support for driving productivity.

With Omnia, you can set up an process visualization, project portfolio, an extranet, solutions for frontline workers, document management, and more to drive productivity. 

The outstanding digital workplace hub.

With leading Microsoft 365 integration, built-in connectors to business systems, and framework for customizations, Omnia will help you unify the digital workplace.



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