The Digital Workplace is transforming the way we work

The Omnia Suite will help you engage people, drive productivity and manage business.

A world class user experience

A world class user experience

Building the Digital Workplace based on Office 365 can be somewhat of a challenge. But the Omnia products will make the journey easier, providing support for communication, collaboration, knowledge management, process orientation, document management and a world class user experience.
The products will not only provide smart functions, but also strong concepts and best practices paving the way for successful implementation and a well-used solution. Join one of our webinars to find out more about the possibilities that Omnia can offer you.

How can we help you?

Are you an IT manager or a communications manager who wants to help your organisation achieve a modern digital workplace that provides the right tools for improved collaboration and internal communication? Then we can support you in your work.

Information/Communications Manager

As an information and/or communications manager you are constantly striving to support your organisation’s ability to find, disseminate and provide access to relevant information and knowledge that facilitates and improves the daily work within the business. We support you in your quest to find a successful intranet and collaboration solution that satisfies modern communication requirements.

IT Manager

An IT department manages a great many solutions for its organisation, and the IT platform for internal communication and collaboration is becoming an increasingly important strategic component of the modern business. We support you in relation to how you can think and act in order to create the right conditions for successful results in your organisation.

Omnia - Intranet Choice Europe 2018

Omnia - Intranet Choice Europe 2019

Precio Fishbone’s product Omnia Intranet took first place in the market’s largest ranking of intranet products for SharePoint and Office 365. The product was also named Intranet Choice Europe.

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Omnia Intranet

Omnia Intranet will provide a strong concept for internal communication with easy to use content management, targeted news and events, polls, announcements and enhanced statistics. The product will also make collaboration and knowledge sharing easier by assisting in site provisioning based on templates, personalized navigation and information roll up and notifications. Omnia Intranet will also support deployment of a personalized, fully mobile experience with design based on corporate guidelines.

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Omnia DM

Omnia Document Management will help you to centrally administrate and distribute document templates across the organization to increase end-user productivity. The product will also provide you with the possibility to define and implement controlled life cycles for the organization’s most important documents, making life easier for document owners and authors and promoting traceability and compliance.

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Omnia Quality Management System

Omnia QMS will help Process Owners describe and publish processes with related information such as tools, documents and tasks, making end-users more productive when they can follow the organization’s best practices. The product will also provide you with a pattern for continuously improving processes and driving compliance.

Three types of license

The Omnia products can be acquired as a subscription or as a license with a yearly software assurance. Both models include the right to all product updates, installations of updates, webinar training, product documentation, improvement suggestions and much more.
The price model is based on the number of users, please contact us for a quotation or price information for your organization.


Monthly subscription

A basic solution that is ready to go, where the customer does not need any additional development or adaptation.

The subscription includes continuous updates of the product with respect to improvements, new functionality, etc.

An easy introduction that provides you with a best practice solution. Suitable primarily for organisations with fewer than 1000 users.

Enterprise Online

A product license with annual update agreement

Suitable for the customer whose needs mesh well with the possibilities of Omnia Intranet and Office 365, but where there is a need for some customisation, now or in the future. Implemented in project form.

The annual update agreement includes regular updates of the product, installation of the updates, a Microsoft Azure account, and direct access to the product team for reporting errors.

Enterprise On-prem/Enterprise online dedicated

A product license with annual update agreement

Suitable for customers whose needs are greater than what can be satisfied by the standard functionality in Omnia Intranet and Office 365. Suitable for the customer who requires customisations of the solution, more traditional administration, and wants to control updates of the solution. Implemented in project form.

The annual update agreement gives the customer access to new functionality and updates of the product.

Would you like a demo?

The Omnia suite has to be experienced. So we would like to take you on a short tour to give you the experience and feeling of what a really good Digital Workplace is like. Fill in your contact details below and we will contact you for a simple demo.

About Precio Fishbone

About Precio Fishbone

Precio Fishbone is Sweden's leading specialist in solutions based on SharePoint and Office 365. We are a Microsoft Gold Partner and have some of the best products on the market for intranets, management systems and document management.
Our products provide our customers with proven, up-to-date and streamlined solutions and a reliable partner for the journey from initial project to ongoing administration and expanding needs.
Currently, we have approx. 230 employees, with offices in eight locations in Sweden, Denmark, the UK, Canada and Vietnam.