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A flexible cloud application for efficient certificate administration

Incert works with personal certification in the installation field and the heart of their operations is a very extensive registry with all relevant information about all concerned persons, certificates and companies. It is therefore of the utmost importance that they have a functioning document management system that can be relied on. “Precio Fishbone has created a functional, flexible and cloud-adapted application that is truly top of the line,” says Incert's CEO Peter Rohlin.

Peter Rohlin previously worked at the Swedish Energy Agency before coming to Incert in 2010, and he could see that there were serious deficiencies in the document management system.“It was old and to a certain extent, in-house developed,” he says. “There were major weaknesses in backup management and I was afraid that the system would crash at any moment.“We needed to immediately convert it into a secure and modern system.” After a procurement phase, the assignment went to Precio Fishbone Fishbone, which Peter had good experiences of from his time at the Swedish Energy Agency.

An application based on Windows Azure

The assignment was divided into two parts: one part for resolving the acute problem of converting the old system into a modern one, and another for creating a solution that could be easily enhanced and expanded in stages. “Other wishes and demands were that the solution should be flexible and serve as a relational database between people and businesses.”Precio Fishbone chose to build an application based on the Windows Azure cloud solution. “Our job was to identify a solution that suited the client,” says Krister Ranta, project manager at Precio Fishbone. “Azure has many benefits, including high availability and that it does not involve any investment costs in hardware.”

Requires fewer resources and shortens lead-times

Simply put, Incert has gone from manual, paper-reliant handling to a web-based, internal system that requires fewer resources and shorter lead-times.“We now have a self-service portal both for those who are certified, where they can go in and change information, as well as a self-service portal for the companies where those certified are employed,” says Peter Rohlin.

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