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Omnia QMS - an efficient management system that focuses on quality

Are you thinking about a new management system that meets ISO standards requirements, for example? If so, then don’t miss our product Omnia QMS, running with SharePoint or Office 365 and offers cost-effective support for the organization’s quality work.

Omnia QMS provides excellent support to easily create and maintain processes as well as linking together information about people, documents and systems. The system also supports the management of deviations, improvement proposals and risks.

It also allows the opportunity to work with recurring reviews of the system content, as well as communicating and requesting read receipts for new or updated information. Essentially, Omnia QMS gives you outstanding support to set up a great management system.

Good overview

As administrator, you can establish structures for how the organization works to create and publish processes, as well as allocate process owners the opportunity to work with their respective processes. You also have a good overview of any issues relating to the processes and whether there is a need to amend existing content. Omnia QMS also has inbuilt support to set up interactive training, making it simple for process owners to understand the system and for users to understand the content.

As process owner, you can easily create processes at multiple levels and make these available for all or part of your organization. You can then link the document and tools to the processes in order to describe the desired working method.

Constant improvements

Users find it easy to understand what the organization’s processes look like and how they link together. It is easier to find management or supporting information, and users can also register improvement suggestions and deviations in order to contribute to the organization’s constant improvements.

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