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Omnia Document Management - clever and efficient document management

Are you looking for better management of your organization’s key documents? If so, you should take a closer look at our product, Omnia Document Management.

Omnia Document Management is a product that enables more efficient management of an organization’s key documents. The business is supported in attaining a managed and traceable life-cycle for management, support and accounting documents. The product runs with SharePoint or Office 365 from Microsoft.

Create structure from creation to archiving

As administrator, you can create document profiles, add structure for metadata, work with document templates and create structure, from creation to archiving of documents. The process for managing key documents can then be made available for authors, reviewers or owners of documents. There is also support for following document validity, administrating templates, managing the flow and ownership, as well as having full traceability on all managed documents.

From confusion to clarity

It is easy for authors to create, maintain and publish any managed document. You always have access to updated templates and to manage the flow. You also receive reminders when it is time to review the content of a document. As author you can also request a read receipt to confirm the user has read and understood the content of new or updated documents.

For the user it is easy to find the correct version of the right document using the navigation or search functions. You can also subscribe to new and updated documents within your areas of interest, as well as selecting favorite documents for quick access.

Omnia Document Management gives you unique opportunities to go from confusion to clarity when it comes to the business’s most important documents.

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