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Want to get more from your innovation efforts?

Trends like digitalization, circular economy and disruptive business models create an urgency to innovate everywhere. But most companies and organizations have difficulties in realizing the full value of their innovation efforts. Gathering ideas, running brainstorming sessions, setting up shark tanks etc. are seemingly not effective, nor sustainable over time.

Move beyond ideas and take a holistic approach!

To increase innovation performance, companies and organizations must move beyond a focus on ideas and take a holistic and systematic approach. An Innovation Management System, supported by a digital platform, will help to get it right. According to research, companies that integrate innovation into strategic planning and resource allocation are six times more likely to achieve their targets.

Augment your innovation reality!

Implementing a digital idea or innovation tool alone will not work! It is the leadership, processes, competencies, culture etc. in the organization that will make the difference for your ability to innovate.
You should consider six success factors and be prepared to make the necessary changes in your organization.
A Digital Innovation Management System that is supporting all success factors will provide the transparency, structure and automation needed to significantly augment your innovation efforts.

Strategic direction

Based on an understanding of the context, top management sets clear innovation objectives and strategies, and allocates the necessary resources.

Adaptable processes

Processes and structures for realizing value are adapted to fit the opportunity, from incremental improvement to radical innovation, and not the other way around.

Performance evaluation

Performance of the innovation portfolio and the entire system is regularly evaluated, visualized and communicated to top management.

People engagement

Leaders at all levels inspire, empower and recognize people, encourage participation and involvement, and foster a culture supporting innovation activities.

Open collaboration

A combination of collaborative and competitive approaches for innovation activities are used across the organization internally and externally

Integrated systems

Both the organizational and digital parts of the Innovation Management System are interconnected with other management systems for e.g. quality, assets.

Webinar 1: BEYOND IDEAS – Managing innovation to realize value

We will discuss what innovation management is and why it is important as well as outline the success factors for driving innovation performance. The presentation is based on the forthcoming international guiding framework ISO 50501 Innovation Management System.

April 11th, 09:30 am

Webinar 2: BEYOND IDEAS – Towards a digital innovation management system

Webinar 2: BEYOND IDEAS – Towards a digital innovation management system

We will discuss the requirements an organization should consider when implementing an effective Digital Innovation Management System. The presentation emphasizes the importance of connecting to leadership, processes, competencies, culture etc. in the organization.

May 8th, 09:30 am